“Really fun music, fun band! Really gets you smiling.. The more I listen, the more I get hooked! Great songs, great potential!”
– Rachanee Munar, GBOB (The Global Battle of the Bands) Worldwide Limited, Marketing

Skin Sofa, a band formed in 2009, is now a teenager! Are we, becoming more mature?? No, no, no! The band is still young and fresh! Eager to show off their melodic mix of pop-punk-rock-happy-go-lucky tunes, for everyone, everywhere! You get mint-green guitar, you get pumping bass, you get super drums, tambourine and triangle, and vocal harmonies!

Skin Sofa are: Tom Fjæraa – Vocals/Guitar; Tor Ivar Nilsen – Bass Michael Welzl – Drums/Vocals


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